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Meet Mona

Keynote speaker - Strategic leadership and management consultant

Captain Mona Shindy, CSC is a retired Naval officer with over 30 years of military and business experience. Drawing upon strong academic credentials and the lessons and skills gained throughout a truly inspiring career, Captain Shindy now imparts knowledge to others as an international keynote speaker and strategic leadership and management consultant.


With degree qualifications in Engineering, Commerce (Advanced Major in Organisation and Management Studies) and Arts (Masters in Politics and Policy), Mona has been a trailblazer in male dominated environments, consistently delivering outstanding organisational outcomes .


Her story is one of taking paths less trodden, courage, integrity, resilience and grit. Through measured risk taking, systems thinking and a reliance on strong emotional intelligence, Mona has been a highly successful project director, change agent and organisational leader.


She has championed significant cultural and organisational reforms relating to the adoption of innovative best practice, cultures supporting a healthy work-life balance and many initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


In 2015 she was recognised as the National Telstra Business Woman of the Year and was awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross in the Australia Day honours list for outstanding service as a strategic intercultural advisor.


CAPT Shindy is now a highly sought after author, speaker and strategic business leadership and management consultant.


Mona Shindy, Author, Woman, Leader, Female, Muslim, Egyptian, Australian, Diversity, Inclusion, Inspirational, STEM, Speaker
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